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      2016 season report

    Overall, Stirling Castle was our most popular tour visit in 2016, often in combination with one or more other visits, rather than as part of the Stirling & Trossachs tour offering. In fact personalised tours were almost the norm in 2016, with visitors preferring
    The Famous Grouse sculpture at Glenturret Distillery

    The Famous Grouse

    to cherry pick what they were most interested in to construct their tour.

    Visits to whisky distilleries also proved popular, with the Glenturret Distillery (aka The Famous Grouse Experience) being the most-often requested. The combination of the Glenturret and the Aberfeldy distilleries makes a good day tour, with lots of beautiful Scottish scenery to be seen along the tour route.

    Most of our visitors were from the USA this year, although we did have some visitors from Australia as well, including one couple who wanted to trace their family history in the Scottish Borders area south of Edinburgh. With this type of tour we often pay a visit to the local post office, as well as the local churchyard, and in this case the husband came across a local doctor who just happened to be in the post office at that moment who actually knew his brother.

    We did quite a few walking tours of Edinburgh in 2016, even, surprisingly, in some cases where some of the members of the group had walking difficulties. They could still manage Edinburgh Castle because a courtesy vehicle was available to take people with walking difficulties to the top of the Castle, but this has unfortunately now been discontinued.

      2017 Outlook

    Queensferry  Crossing - due to open mid-2017

    Queensferry Crossing

    Looking forward to 2017, the one event which stands out is the opening of the Queensferry Crossing - the new road bridge across the River Forth. It will be a pleasure not to have to navigate the endless roadworks which have been taking place during the construction of the new bridge.

    In terms of when is the best time to visit Edinburgh, I would advise any month except August, unless you are planing to attend the military tattoo. This is because the Edinburgh Festival, which takes place in August, seems to get bigger every year and I have never seen the city so crowded as it was during August 2016. And no doubt, due to the current exchange rate weakness of the British Pound, even more visitors will come to Scotland this year which will cause even more overcrowding in Edinburgh during the month of August.

      Website Enhancements

    Jan 2017

    Quite a lot of work has been done to improve the site - a lot of it behind the scenes - with the aim of improving the amount of information available and the ease of use.

    The Google Maps have been changed to Google’s My Maps format. This enables you to see more information, especially photos, about the tour visits and optionals highlighted on the maps, simply by clicking on the place markers.

    All the photo Albums have been upgraded from Google+ to Google Photos which provides better full screen presentation of the whole album and also enables viewers to add comments should they wish to do so.

    Several new photo albums have been added on various pages and new photos have been added to existing albums.

    A photo gallery has been set up for each page so you can click on an individual photo to enlarge it and you can then scroll through all the other photos on that page.

    Various tour routes and itineraries have been updated or changed to reflect developments. For example, the Glasgow tour route has been altered because the Burrell Collection is currently closed.

    Some of the page layouts have been changed to improve the presentation.

    The links to other websites have all been checked and updated, or deleted where they are no longer applicable.

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